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A Guide to Zero-Waste Halloween

Halloween - the time of the year when witches are patrolling the streets and ghosts are behind every corner. As the spookiness and the scary surprises are dominating the holidays it is also important to keep an eye on the plastic waste contribution of the event. To keep Halloween fun for you but also fun for our planet we gathered some tips & tricks for you to enjoy a zero-waste night. The only thing you need is creativity, your own imagination, and a little bit of time. So grab a nice tea, put on some cozy music, and let's get started!
1. Reuse costumes and get creative

Most costumes that are available online or in stores are either wrapped in one-time-use plastic packaging or consists out of cheap polyester (in most cases it's both combined). People are buying cheap plastic masks that are mostly used only once and end up in the trash or in the streets. Instead of buying new costumes every year - and it is not a secret tip anymore - you might want to visit your local secondhand stores and start thrifting for a unique costume that no one else has. Get creative, don't lock yourself to one costume idea and approach it with an open mind and you will have a great time. Another great way to reuse costumes is to organise a "costume-swap" with friends and family. This way you don't need to spend money on a new costume.

2. Collect tricks-and-treats in a reusable bag

One-time-use plastic bags are an awful solution for collecting sweets in your neighbourhood for several reasons. First, hands down, it looks pretty bad. Why not choose a reusable bag that actually enhances your costume? Customise a cloth bag to make it fit to your costume. The second reason is that one-time-use bags are obviously contributing to plastic waste. Instead you can get creative and use a pillow case or an old t-shirt and turn it into your collection bag. Lastly, and probably most importantly, reusable bags are more durable and can hold more candy ;-)

3. Zero-waste candy and party snacks

30% of the global plastic waste can be traced back to one-time-use plastic packaging. Unfortunately, most candy is packed in plastic that is thrown away after usage. You have several options to avoid this large amount of plastic waste over halloween. One solution is to visit your local packaging-free store and pack sweets in your own reusable container. That way you can buy in bulk and get rid of any plastic waste. Another option is DIY recipes for spooky party snacks. Here you can find some recipes to enhance your halloween party buffet.
4. DIY halloween home decorations

To upgrade your house for the halloween season you don't actually need to rely on any plastic. Use the stuff you have laying around at home like old bed sheets or blankets. The good old pumpkin carving is always a great and natural contribution to your halloween decoration and you can also create your own candles. A quick scan through the internet will supply you with various inspirations that will fit your taste. In times of Corona you can also leverage the space around your house. Maybe consider organising a spooky scavenger hunt in your garden for the kids in your neighbourhood - that sounds fun!
5. Have fun and keep the distance

Besides all the plastic waste issues and options to reduce your ecological footprint, having fun should always come first. Just keep in mind to keep the distance when celebrating! 
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