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Why Green Cleaning Products Matter

We all like the fresh scent that is left in our house after cleaning... It’s one of the most satisfying smells for some of us, just like the smell of Starbucks or earth after it rains. The scent is what makes cleaning rituals one of the most important parts of our everyday life. That’s why there are plenty of cleaning agents out there, in different packaging, for different purposes, with different scents and promises.

Now, you might not be the sustainability geek or minimalist nerd. But if you’re one of the people who enjoy cleaning or at least prioritize cleaning (hopefully), there are several reasons why you should consider investing in eco-friendly cleaning products.

First thing first, traditional cleaning agents have detrimental effects on your own and your family's health. They involve a wide variety of toxic ingredients that if breathed can cause tons of problems, reaching from depression and headaches to irritation of your lungs.

Second, toxic chemicals 78% of cleaning companies involve in their cleaning solution also ruin the air in your household. Right, the air. Surprisingly, the air in households can be 500 percent more toxic than the air outside. That’s why some people experience headaches or allergies after cleaning.

Third, unexpectedly, they are also able to ruin the items in your household, primarily the furniture. Although you can find different cleaning agents for different purposes and surfaces, to perform “deep” cleaning, they usually contain aggressive ingredients. These ingredients can damage different materials over time and shorten their lifetime.

Unlike traditional cleaning agents, green products don’t contain toxic and aggressive chemicals. Ingredients they involve are mostly natural and thus treat your health and belongings gently. For example, all Skosh products feature non-toxic and biodegradable formulas that are safe to use in all households.

Fourth, whenever there are lots of different options for one item, choosing “the one” becomes more time-wasting and less efficient. Remember when Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, explained the reason behind wearing the same gray t-shirt every day by saying it helped him to save time and make as few decisions as possible daily? Now, you might not be the CEO of Facebook, but in fact, it might be annoying trying to choose “the best” or “the most effective” cleaning agent in stores when you’re standing in front of a long aisle full of different options.

Cleaning products in a supermarket

Since green products don’t involve aggressive chemicals, they don’t usually offer dozens of different options for different purposes. Skosh cleaning tablets, for example, have 3 different options for 3 different surfaces - glass & mirror, bathroom, and multi-purpose. It doesn’t mean that green products don’t clean properly. The cleaning agent’s ability to disinfect the surface is based on the duration of the contact, not the ingredients it has per se. Also, most traditional cleaning liquids have a strong “fresh scent” that creates the illusion of cleaning better than the other, more natural smelling products.

The fifth point is for people who consider the ethical implications of the purchases they make. Yes, plastic. Traditional cleaning agents usually come in plastic bottles and are thrown away after usage. There’s no need to explain how plastic is harmful to our planet.

Green cleaning products, on the other hand, offer recyclable or reusable packages and therefore are more environmentally friendly. Skosh cleaning bottles are made of 100% reusable plastic and packaging is made of compostable paper.

So, whether you’re trying to do eco-conscious purchases, make your cleaning routine more convenient, or looking for some new products to try, you should definitely give green cleaning products a try. You’ll see the perks for yourself.

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