The Skosh Concept: How it drastically improves logistics

How Skosh Empowers Your Supermarket Shelves

Dear retailers, are you in need for more shelf-space in your cleaning aisle?

Then you should ask yourself this question: “Why are we still selling 95% water, mixed with (mostly) toxic cleaning chemicals, wrapped in single-use plastic?“

We from Skosh have asked us this question 2 years ago and developed a straight forward solution - our waste-free cleaning tablets. Your customers purchases a small 6g tablet in your store, fills you empty spray bottle at home with tap-water, drops the tablet in and lets it dissolve. After 5 minutes your customer turned your tap-water into effective surface cleaning liquid. But now to the best part: When the bottle is empty (usually after two months) instead of buying a new bottle they simply purchase another tablet and reuse the bottle. It all breaks down to: One tablet = 1 less single-use plastic bottle! Makes sense, no? 

Click here for more information around how to use our products. 

What's in for our retail partners?

Now beyond the obvious, being that you can save tons and tons of plastic-waste, our concept comes with significant space and weight efficiencies for our retail partners. Let me break it down for you.

Imagine an ordinary EU palette which, depending on the bottle size, can roughly between 480 spray-cleaners. Take an ordinary truck that fits 15 palettes and you're at 7.200 spray-cleaners per load. Now the issue with that is that most cleaning products (and personal care products) are up to 95% water. Therefore, a truck-load with 7.200 spray-bottles translates to a total load weight (including palette weight) of a whopping 4.5 tons.

Logistic Benefits Skosh

Now, what would happen if you would simply erase the water weight from the equation and enhance it through significant space efficiencies? Simple task for our dehydrated cleaning tabs! For 7.200 refills in the form of tablets we're all of the sudden not shipping 4.5 tons but only 63 kg from the production facility to your shelf. Quite significant - isn't it?

Shelf space efficiencies with Skosh

And it doesn't stop there. Through the same weight and space efficiencies our cleaning concept is also able to use up to 8 times less shelf space.

Logistic benefits translate into environmental benefits

All of the above does not only contribute to significant cost efficiencies but also clear environmental benefits. When considering roughly 190 retail stores with an average of 9.000 monthly customers, the sustainability implications become apparent. Per year this would translate into over 800 tons in reduced plastic waste and over 100 tons in saved CO2 emissions (please get in touch for detailed calculations and numbers). Click here to find out more about the environmental advantages of our concept.

The right offer for a growing demand

With over 100.000 sold line-items and in-depth customer research we know what our customers want. Therefore, the focus at Skosh is to ensure a maximum in product quality and cleaning performance while offering our cleaners at a competitive price that is long-termly cheaper. Our products are ECOCERT, Vegan & FSC certified and the whole supply-chain is located in Europe. Click here for a collection of 500+ verified customer reviews.

Transparently speaking, ripping an ordinary grocery shopper with limited time out of their buying habits at the point-of-sale was one of our biggest challenges when coming up with our promotional material. Therefore, our team spent hours at the cleaning aisle of variant supermarkets observing, interviewing, and analysing customer behaviour. And now, after 6 months, our shelf-ready packaging is out there recruiting fellow plastic-saver to join our journey against plastic waste.

Let's empower your supermarket shelf!

Are you interested in listing our cleaning refill tablets and join a growing crowd of conscious retailers? Then reach out and we provide you with additional information.

Phone: +46 73 479 49 02
Address: Anckargripsgatan 3, 21119 Malmö

Looking forward to you joining our journey against plastic waste!

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