Skosh is now available in retail

Skosh is now available in Retail!

🚀 Skosh is now available at Coop 365 🚀

Big news! Our plastic-saving cleaning concept just launched in the stores of Coop 365 in Denmark! Over the last year, Coop 365 rolled out over 330 stores (!) and is continuously growing at rocket speed.

We're proud to have the forward-thinking, sustainable and innovation-friendly decision makers at Coop 365 Discount in Denmark joining our journey! We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit we encountered in Denmark and we're happy to realise that people are not afraid to give determined start-ups a chance to prove themselves on a large stage. This marks just the beginning!

Here is a look behind the scenes

Fulfilling a large order as a small start-up can be challenging. Besides preparing products for hundreds of stores and shipping truckloads over country borders, lots of details regarding barcodes, legislations and product specifications have to be in place.

On the product and logistics side, we had great help from our long-term warehouse partners in Skurup, Sweden. They worked around the clock to ensure that all products are prepared, labeled, and packed in time. Here are some snapshots we took when visiting our warehouse.

Skosh warehouse delivery Coop 365 Discount

It's always great to see a deal in numbers but it's even more impressive to see the total size of the operation with your own eyes. It took our partners 3 days to make our products "shipping-ready" which is an achievement in itself!

Skosh preparing order for Coop 365

Saving tons and tons of plastic-waste!

Cleaning tablets should be considered the new normal. It just makes sense to reuse your bottles instead of throwing them away. However, in order for customers to make a change, cleaning tablets have to be affordable, effective and most importantly available. By agreeing to a partnership with one of the fastest-growing supermarket chain Coop 365, we made a big step towards mass acceptance and eventually tons in reduced plastic waste.

Skosh co-founder Max in front of Coop 365 store in Copenhagen

What's next?

Coop 365 is just the beginning. Within the next 2 years, we want to expand our retail network from 300 to 1.500! To do that, we need daring buyers from major supermarket chains willing to make a difference. Plastic-waste is one of the most pressing environmental issues and we offer a simple and affordable way to reduce it. Interested in hearing our offer? Simply reach out and let's have a chat!

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