Cleaning with Skosh in your household

How effective are sustainable cleaning solutions?

Keeping kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms hygienic has never been more important. A year into the pandemic and the cleaning of surfaces has become a matter of course in our everyday life. But with chemicals and antibacterial wipes harming the environment, it's time to try ethical, eco-friendly alternatives and keep your home clean in the meantime.

Natural cleaning

Strong cleaning products that contain aggressive chemicals have long had their place in our cleaning cupboards. The stronger, the better, many people probably think. As consumers became more aware of their shopping habits, companies around the world began developing environmentally friendly alternatives to cleaning products. However, there are still many who doubt the cleaning effectiveness of environmentally friendly solutions and therefore still buy traditional cleaning products.

We founded Skosh to offer sustainable and effective cleaning solutions so you don't have to compromise on either efficiency or environmental friendliness.

Skosh has 3 types of cleaning tablets to suit different surfaces. For each product, we made sure to make it as efficient as possible without harming the environment. The all-purpose cleaning tablet has a high pH value that makes it easier to dissolve stubborn grease stains and similar dirt and is therefore suitable for kitchens, living rooms and other areas where you spend most of your time. The more time we spend in a certain part of our home, the dirtier it gets and it is therefore always a good idea to always have the all-purpose cleaner close at hand. Our bottles are also designed in an aesthetically pleasing way so you don't have to hide them in the cleaning scrubber but can proudly have them in front of you!

Sustainable cleaning with your kids

Our bathrooms have different cleaning needs than the kitchen, so it is therefore important to keep it as clean and pleasant as possible. That's why we made sure to adjust the bathroom cleaning ingredients to achieve a low pH value that becomes important for just effective bathroom cleaners.

In the case of Skosh's glass and mirror cleaner, we adjusted the pH level according to the purpose and added special ingredients that make sure to clean glass surfaces thoroughly without leaving marks or streaks.

Green cleaning solutions do not contain aggressive chemicals, but that doesn't mean they don't clean properly. The ability of the cleaner to disinfect the surface is based on the duration of contact, not the ingredients themselves. In addition, most traditional cleaning liquids have a strong "fresh scent" that can create the illusion of a cleaner that is better than other, more naturally scented products.


Our cleaning tablets are made from organic, natural ingredients that are not harmful to our health or the environment. We don't want to bring toxic ingredients into our household where we spend most of our time. Unfortunately, many cleaning liquids found in supermarkets contain aggressive chemicals that are dangerous to our health. Such strong chemicals are often not needed to clean the daily grease and limescale in our kitchen or bathroom. However, they can cause headaches due to toxic and intense scents as well as skin irritations. Eco-friendly tablets do not have such ingredients, therefore they are safe for us and our family.

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