We believe that if you run a business in 2022, sustainability should be a norm in everything you do, not just a word used for marketing purposes.

For us, it is a given that sustainability is a central part of everything we do, it applies to everything from the packaging we use to how we get to work in the morning.

Reducer. Genbrug. Genanvend.

Reduce: Cut down on disposable bottles through our cleaning tablets that come in paper packaging.

Reuse: Reuse your bottle! Either one you already have at home or buy ours which is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Recycle : All our packaging is recyclable and can be sorted like paper.

Sustainable cleaning that works.

500+ good reviews must be proof that we are doing something right?

Humble brag is not something we usually engage in... But in this case, we still think it's well founded.