We're here to burst a bit of a bubble. Sorry.

But what actually IS regular cleaning?
Let's break it down:

A bottle made of disposable plastic that is filled with 95% water and the rest harmful ingredients.

In other words, we pay for disposable plastic, water that we already have at home and ingredients that do more harm than good.


The silver lining here is we actually have a solution. Beautiful, right?

The solution is spelled WTF.

(W)ater *, (T)ablet, (F)lask

Use a reusable spray bottle, either ours in 100% recycled plastic or your own, fill with honest tap water and drop in a cleaning tablet.

No extra shipping weight, easy to store and cleaning that you refill at home.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

We are a small but powerful team behind the freight train towards a slightly cleaner world. A short summary of us are a bunch of people who were simply tired of products polluting our world and decided to do something about it.

Fun fact: In total, we speak 5 different languages in our small team. Regardless of whether you speak Swedish, English, Dutch, German or Spanish, we have someone in the team who can help you.