Skapa En Lite Mer Hållbar Höst-Look

How to create a slightly more sustainable fall look

The routines are back, the leaves are getting yellower and yellower every day and the sun seems to be getting harder and harder to flirt with. In other words, fall is here. It's that time of year when the shorts are exchanged for trousers, the dresses are hung back in the wardrobe and the rain jacket now has a permanent place in the hall.

It is also the time of year when the need for a "new autumn wardrobe" can easily arise. That the need is created is not strange in itself, we are constantly fed with articles, advertisements and posts about which garments are autumn's "it" garments. Most likely, it is not the same garment that was not last autumn, but the wardrobe must be updated and the clothing companies want to be the first to bring in autumn's trendy garments to the consumers.

"Fast fashion" is a term/method that includes rapidly produced design, production and marketing of a large volume of clothing. This at the expense of quality, our environment, and working conditions. These companies can therefore offer new garments and collections every week, which is extremely unsustainable from countless aspects.

Together with A Sustainable Closet , we instead want to draw attention to and highlight a sustainable way to update the autumn wardrobe!

"Look good, feel good and do good" are the slogans for A Sustainable Closet and on their platform you can find both inspiring stories and a helping hand for second-hand shopping. Here you will find, for example, tips on stylish second-hand garments for autumn.

We in team Skosh are based in Malmö and for that reason we also want to take the opportunity to tell you about our favorite places to visit in town!

Pop Boutique
Davidshallsgatan 9
For those new to the second-hand game, this shop is perfect. A very spacious and cozy store with a well-sorted selection that is guaranteed to have something for all styles. Clothes from the 60s to the 90s.

Björkå Freedom
Storgatan 20
Located on the pedestrian street, Björkå Frihet is a store with a huge range of clothing as well as interior design. Here you can lose both time and space looking through the racks of clothes. There are many hidden treasures in this store and every time we go in we almost always manage to go home with something "new". Don't miss their large selection of porcelain, interior design and furniture, there are extremely nice ones!

Row Suzie
Storgatan 39
Last but not least, a little gem on the corner of Kungsgatan. Rad Suzie is a smaller store that is packed with incredible finds. What you can't miss is their accessory wall where a parade of beautiful jewelry is hiding.

Check out A Sustainable Closet for even more second-hand tips near you!
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