Skosh 2.0

Skosh 2.0

We are here to beat the big drum. For over 3 years we have been fighting for change. Why? Well, because if we break it down:

What actually IS regular cleaning?

A bottle made of disposable plastic that is filled with 95% water and the rest harmful ingredients.

In other words, we pay for single-use plastic, water that we already have at home and ingredients that do more harm than good.

For the loyal Skosh customer, it will not come as news that we actually have a solution to this unnecessary problem. However, we wanted to make it easier to remember and also understand what our concept actually means.

Huuuvud, shoulders, knees and toes. An educational rhyme from childhood that taught us body parts. As our concept can sometimes be confusing, we chose to create a small rhyme - perhaps not so child-friendly - to make it easier for the confused.

WTF = (W)atten, (T)ablet, (F)laska.

These three components are all you need to mix your own cleaner that takes advantage of what you already have at home.

Save the date. On Monday, November 14, Skosh 2.0 will be launched.

Are you ready?

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