New: Laundry detergent strips.

Introduction of laundry detergent strips: Forget pods, powders, or liquids. With our paper laundry detergent, simply place a strip in the drum or drawer of your washing machine. Watch as the strips dissolve up to 100% and leave your clothes truly clean.

  • 1. Take a laundry strip.

    Tear off the strip along the perforated line.

  • 2. Add it to the laundry

    Simply place the strip in the machine’s drum or the drawer.

  • 3. Enjoy your fresh laundry

    The laundry strip dissolves fully and leaves your clothes clean.

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Convenient and cheaper!

Our laundry detergent strips will always be cheaper than traditional detergent. This is because we buy in bulk, the packaging is 90% smaller and weighs 95% less, and fewer chemical additives are needed. This results in the most competitive price in the market, not only compared to other laundry detergent strips but to all detergents!

  • Suitable for 30°- 90°

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Suitable for all washing machines

  • Dissolves completely

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