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Laundry Strips Black & Dark (20 Washes)

Laundry Strips Black & Dark (20 Washes)

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Introducing laundry detergent strips for black & dark laundry, the revolutionary detergent in paper form. Say goodbye to traditional pods, powders and liquids. Embrace the simplicity of placing a single laundry strip in the washing machine. Your laundry strips dissolve completely, no unnecessary waste and no mess!

✔ Suitable for black & dark laundry.
✔ Suitable for all temperatures, also for hand washing.
✔ Easily biodegradable.
✔ Easy to take with you, for example when you travel.
Dermatalogically tested and hypoallergenic
✔ Free of parabens, phosphates, chlorine bleach and dyes

How does it work?
1. Tear off detergent strips along the perforated line.
2. Place 1/2 strip under or on top of your laundry.
3. Start your wash cycle


>30% anionic surfactants, 15-30% nonionic surfactants <30%, alcohol, ethoxylated, enzyme, perfumes.

Save money

Cost per wash:

Washing capsules per wash: 0.45 EUR

Liquid detergent per wash 0.35 EUR

Washing powder 0.30 EUR per wash

Laundry Detergent strips per wash 0.25 EUR

Better for the environment

✔ No (large) plastic bottles
✔ Light weight
✔ Mild ingredients
✔ Less carbon dioxide emissions during transport


1/2 laundry detergent strip: up to 5 kg of laundry, normal to dirty laundry and normal water.
1 laundry detergent strip: up to 10 kg of laundry, heavily soiled laundry or hard water

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