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Laundry Strips Storage Box

Laundry Strips Storage Box

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Store your washing strips in a beautiful storage box and keep the scent of your detergent strips longer. The storage box is finished in matte white, a beautiful addition to your interior. The box is made of metal/tin.

  • Keep your strips dry
  • Longer scent retention
  • Neatly stored
  • Lid with a hinge, so you don't have to put the lid aside to take a strip. Practical, and so you can hold the box in one hand. The lid also has a viewing window, through which you can directly see how many strips you have left. Store your strips with packaging in the box or lay your strips loosely inside. The storage box is perfectly designed for washing strip formats and offers you enough space to easily take a strip.

The storage box can be used for your detergent washing strips and dishwasher strips. Comes in a beautiful luxury box and makes it a beautiful gift!"

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